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The primary goal in the My Baby and Me book series is to walk through a complete decision making process allowing each young woman and young man to make fully informed decisions about their choices concerning themselves and their children.

Getting Ready To Parent

Getting Ready To Parent
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This brochure is a recent update to the previously titled "Am I Ready To Parent?", all content is the same but the design and title have been updated. This brochure provides your client with 30 questions to ask herself before she makes the decision to parent. This is a great tool to help your client understand herself better, and her ability to parent at the present time.

Sample questions include:

- Do I want to give my child the love it needs?

- What kind of time and space do I need for myself?

- What do I do now when I am angry or upset?

- What does discipline mean to me?

- How well do I take care of my own health and safety?

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