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A little bit about the My Baby and Me Series...

The My Baby and Me Series is a set of workbooks that we created in the 1970ís to help counselors who were helping pregnant girls. At that time there was nothing available to help a troubled teen work through important decisions in his/her life. Every three years the series is updated as a result of customer feedback. We are working to update again and through the next 6 months you will see updated versions of all Loving and Caring products including the My Baby and Me Series, Brochures and Manuals!

The My Baby and Me Series is geared to teens, and we are working on an adult version to be used with college age clients.

The workbooks in the My Baby and Me Series were written and designed to help counselors effectively minister to their clients. If you have been using the workbooks for many years, we hope that you have been blessed. If you have never used the workbooks, we invite you to try using them with your clients. Our prayer is that lives will be changed as a result of these books.

With Love,

Loving and Caring Team


We are in the middle of revamping all the products you see in our store. We will have some products discounted as we work on getting all sets complete. Please feel free to call or message with questions and know that we are working hard to bring you the best decision making and face-to-face encounter tools for those God has called you to serve.

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